Pretty Ballerina (1966)

Written by Michael Brown (born Michael Lookofsky)
O: Left Banke 1966 Label: Smash

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"Pretty Ballerina" is a song written by pianist Michael Brown (born Michael Lookofsky) and was a number 15 hit for his band The Left Banke[1] on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reaching #4 in the Canadian RPM Magazine charts. The original Left Banke version of the song, released December 1966, was sung by Steve Martin Caro. The song has appeared in the films Apocalypse Now, Off Limits and Things Behind the Sun and has been covered by such artists as Alice Cooper, John Mellencamp, Jason Falkner, Peter Kingsbery, Eels, Irish Electro Band "Les Marionettes", Argentine rock star Charly García, Alan Merrill, The Bluetones, and The Dickies.

The song features an oboe being played during the instrumental portion of the song, joining the string quartet, before the music pauses, and goes back to the refrain of the song.

The song is one of a number Brown wrote about Renée Fladen, girlfriend of The Left Banke's guitarist Tom Finn and object of Brown's affection. Other songs written about her include the band's biggest hit "Walk Away Renée" and "She May Call You Up Tonight."

Michael Brown died march 2015

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